What Covid-19 triggers in us and in our society is probably perceived differently by each one of us. However, certain restrictions in our everyday life can no longer be overlooked and avoided. Be it the increased stay or even working inside your own four walls, the little personal contact with family and friends or the continuous activity and teaching their own children. If you go for a walk or if you come across your fellow human beings in the staircase, you might be able to have a little bubble, but the safety distance is of particular importance. I don’t know how you’re doing, but for me, simple things like going by bus and going shopping have just become exhausting.

This, and perhaps other, is perhaps a challenge for some of us now.

The challenge of nurturing contacts more in other ways now, or

The challenge for his children is not only to be good parents, but also now to be educators, teachers and playmates.

The challenge of standing up for and being there for other, weaker people, or

The challenge of continuing to work in a systemically important job that is demanding a lot of you right now.

Whatever your personal challenge is, take advantage of this opportunity to tackle and implement it. Because no matter how often you may fall, no matter how fast or slow you are, no matter how hard it is at the moment, stay tuned! Because at the end of the day, we can only learn from it, grow and change.

Right now, God is asking us to wake up and stand up. He wants us to learn something and grow. Let us continue to focus on God, seek him in his word and prayer, and be prepared for his change. He challenges us to glorify him with our lives and to announce more and more in the world.

Do you need courage or strength for that?

Then ask God for his Holy Ghost, as did Peter, John and many others in the history of the apostle 4,23-31 .

And now, Lord, hear their threats! Help all those who believe in you to give your message courageously and unscathed. Show your power. Let healing, signs and miracles happen when we call the name of Jesus, your holy servant!

Acts 4,29-30

Let’s be courageous and be there for each other as a community and glorify God!