“Teach us to pray” Workshop

When? March 27-28 2020
Where? House of prayer Hamburg, Wandalenweg 26, 20097 Hamburg

…Pray without ceasing….

1 Thessalonians 5:17

How can we fulfill this command, found over and over in the Bible, practically? There are so many ways to pray, whether it be a quick prayer or intensive intercession, thanksgiving or supplication, alone or in a group, worship or confession of sins… what other options are there and how can we go deeper in prayer?

God has given us the great opportunity to learn more about the topic of prayer through this workshop. With the help of the Hamburg House of Prayer team, we will learn how to enrich our prayer lives and expand our “prayer spectrum”. Through prayer Jesus serves and changes us. Through prayer we can bless others and move mountains. Prayer was and is the beginning as well as the foundation of the church.

We want to, therefore, better equip ourselves by learning different ways to pray – to God’s glory and for His work in and through us as individuals but also as CityLight Hamburg. Come join us! (Note that this workshop will be held in German)

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