Use Your Time

Such a small virus and the world is standing still. Now, if you look at the streets, shopping malls, playgrounds, even the airports, you might see a few cars, isolated pedestrians and joggers ,where people usually crowd and cars barely get a meter a head in traffic jams. Isn’t it crazy,that the hectic and rapid life of this world is now turning off like it is?! Isn’t it kind of quiet out there?! And that just after about two weeks in restricted freedom. That’s how time somehow runs past us..

Many of us are now likely to have different day-to-day procedures. It is interesting how quickly you can get used to circumstances and a new everyday life.

Can you remember your everyday life and your surroundings in front of all the hustle and bustle – before Corona? Was that better, more organized or more effective for you? Or was it more marked by lack of time, stress or constant fatigue?

I have to confess that in my previous full day life I have too often wished for more time for God. And instead of doing something about it, of course, it was easier for me to complain about it. Now this may sound somewhat paradoxical for some of us, but God is giving many of us a lot of time right now.

Time – we can spend for and with God

Time – which we can give to our neighbor

Time – in which we can learn new habits

Because that time will pass like in flight. And if something is to change in your everyday life – the everyday life according to Corona – then now is the time for the first steps. Use the time you have to make sense—whether it’s more, less, or exactly the same as before—and learn to adapt your life’s priorities to your everyday life.

Sometimes it helps to create a schedule or to-do list. It is not always easy for us to learn new habits or to abandon old ones, and it is not easy for us to do so overnight. But with self-discipline, routine and perseverance, you will soon be able to see first advances.

The Lord looks down from heaven and sees all men, from his throne he sees each and every one. He has made their hearts and knows everything they do.

Psalm 33,13-15

God sees and rejoices when we seek for him. We should use the world’s silence to become quiet before God and understand what he wants of us. It shows us where we need change and the first steps that we need to take. All we need to do is look for it and know how to make good use of this time.

God’s Blessing and Joy for You